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About us

What is Linen Siesta?


In Lithuania, we have longlasting traditions of making linen clothes, bedding, interior decorations, toys, etc. for centuries. That’s why at Linen Siesta we collaborate with local factories, that provide TOP quality linen fabrics. Lithuanian linen is valuable and well known in the whole world. Today's modern technologies allow to make thick and strong, but also extremely soft to touch linen fabrics mostly suitable for bedding and clothing. It feels like natural material is still alive in our linen bedding designs.

Every linen item brings its own history. The color of natural linen depends heavily on its growing conditions, for example, fabrics made from this year's crop might differ from the year before, even after dyeing. But isn't it the real charm of a natural handmade product, that you can’t find another identical one? At Linen Siesta every linen item is unique, tells its own story, and brings in its own personality. You just have to embrace and enjoy it.


With bringing better sleep to your home we believe that every person has a right to get rest. In today's rushing world we sometimes forget to relax and take a power nap when it's needed. Our mission at Linen Siesta is to remind you, that sleep and resting are absolutely necessary for your good mental and physical health. And, of course, you can eat breakfast in bed not only on Sundays!

Feel the luxury of sleeping in linen bedding set with the most quality linen fabrics in the world!